Why Being a Social Introvert Is Sometimes Necessary!

In order to thrive in a world that is as complex as a rocket scientist’s to-do list, one must engage in social interactions with other people. For an introvert, it may be difficult to take the first step in developing a “social butterfly” side to their personality. In fact, it may be one of the most difficult things for an introvert to do. Nevertheless, it is important to hone in on social skills in order to reduce future stress about social situations. For instance, an introvert who has practiced their social skills is less likely to seize up due to nerves during an important conversation. Practicing these skills can be a great process of discovery as well.

Discovery is an important part of growth, and growth for an introvert can have a number of meanings. Growth might mean finally asking that special someone on a date, or it might simply mean striking up a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store. As an introvert, any progress towards a more comfortable social life is a means of growth. Now, not all introverts are as nervous as others in social situations, but some of us tend to distance ourselves from settings that involve heavy interaction with others. The social introvert is somebody who knows when to interact and when to retract. Often times, conversation is not necessary and can be ignored if so desired. There is no need to feel incomplete simply due to a desire for peace and quiet. As most introverts prefer to keep to themselves, it is completely unnecessary to create additional stress by forcing conversation.

Forced interactions may lead to further complications in one’s social life. If a conversation is not genuine, both parties can usually sense the awkward moment. This also leads to a dead end where neither person is satisfied with the interaction. An introvert who knows how to be social is able to gauge certain situations and make decisions that will positively affect his or her relationships. A business conversation, for example, must be approached with confidence and certainty about one’s abilities. A well-versed social introvert is a lot more likely to succeed in portraying their views and aspirations accurately. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

An introvert’s mind can be full of colorful thoughts and million dollar ideas. In order to bring forth that intelligence, one must learn to embrace fear and plow forward. It may help to imagine fear as a catapult to success. Imagine fear as a necessity to life, rather than something to avoid. If an introvert is able to acknowledge any present fears about social interaction and knowingly engages in conversation, those fears will slowly dissipate. Once a fear is conquered, it is difficult to be afraid of something that no longer has power.

The social introvert is someone that is willing to change their ways of interaction with the world, in order to achieve any and all goals related to it. Often times, the challenges and changes in our lives are what help us grow and evolve as individuals. Without challenges, there is no extra push to help an introvert move forward in their life. It is also likely, that introverts enjoy challenges because they can present an opportunity in which an introvert is able to embrace his or her strengths in order to overcome those hurdles.

In our world, it is important to be well-versed in social interaction so that we can thrive and excel at our passions. The better than we can express how we feel about our relationships to those around us, the more we can understand about life and society itself. To be a social introvert means to be comfortable with one’s personality. It means to be loyal to our own beliefs and to incorporate outside knowledge that melds well with our own routine. The most important aspect of the social introvert is to remember that we all strive to be our best selves and it is okay to take small steps forward. As long as in our own eyes, we are making progress to a better future, all that matters is that our introvert is shining bright from within.

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