Top 3 Key Characteristics To A Healthy Introverted Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can have a lot of different meanings for different types of people. Our own outlook on life, as well as our motives and values, can all affect how we perceive a healthy lifestyle. For the sake of exploring the art of being an introvert, I will focus on the emotional aspects of leading a healthy life. A few key characteristics that support a lifestyle that is beneficial to individuals include self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts, and a positive outlook on life within us and around us.

There are many ways to dissect or analyze how a healthy lifestyle can be lead by an individual that is introverted. In my experience, I have always been drawn to three main stages of progress. The first stage, and one that will lay a foundation for what will later allow an introvert to bloom, is acceptance.

Accepting Oneself

The acceptance of one’s true identity and everything that comes with exploring the inner depths of ourselves is one of the most important steps an introvert can take. Furthermore, acceptance and responsibility come as a package deal. There is no one without the other because acceptance requires a lot of courage and honesty. Without a genuine approach, acceptance can seem far out of reach for many introverts. It is crucial to acknowledge ourselves for who we are on the inside and to embrace the human beings that we deeply desire to be. One of the best ways to begin a quest to acceptance is to recognize when even the smallest achievements and milestones have been accomplished. The more self-love and appreciation we can provide for ourselves, the easier it will be to accept our true form. The acceptance of ourselves as individuals, as part of society, and as part of this massive universe we all live in, is key. The sooner we introverts can fall deeply in love with ourselves, the sooner we can begin to show up for other people in our lives and serve a greater purpose.

Showing Up

As important as it is to show up for the people that matter in our lives in their time of need, it is also as important (if not more important) to show up for ourselves. To show up for ourselves mean to not give up on childhood dreams, it means to persevere when the circumstances seem unfavorable, and to simply keep moving forward. No matter the strength it takes to survive in a world that may make us feel small, it is important to remember that showing up in life means already winning half the battle. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle as an introvert, and be mentally sound, introverts should find comfort in the idea that their presence is worthy enough of being a part of a community.

Believing That You Are Enough

This stage of leading a healthy introvert lifestyle may be difficult because it challenges the very foundation on which our lives have been built. This is why it is important to ensure that the first two stages are well nurtured and explored completely with nothing left lurking behind closed doors. If one has been truthful in accepting oneself and truly showing up and being present in the precious moments of life, it is then time to begin believing that we are enough as individuals. There should not be a need to put on a persona to please others, or to act in a certain way in order to appear pleasant and perfect in the eyes of family and friends. All that should matter at this stage is that we, as introverted individuals, are able to believe in ourselves and finally begin to understand our true selves intricately. The notion of believing that one human being is enough, and no extra noise is needed in order to be great, is achieved with much more ease once acceptance has occurred. If an individual can accept themselves with all their strengths and flaws, and then succeed to show up when it is most important in life, then self-worth and love can come to fruition. It is a lot more effortless to built self esteem once proof can be presented. As introverts, we can think of acceptance of ourselves and action in life as tangible proof that can be looked back on in order to remind us that our greatest desires are not so far out of reach.

Leading a healthy introverted lifestyle can have different meanings to different people. It is okay to develop a definition of a healthy lifestyle that is in line with one’s core values and goals in life. Whether a healthy lifestyle refers to either physical and emotional health, or just one, it is important to recognize that any effort towards a positive outlook on life is effort that will not go unnoticed. A healthy lifestyle is possible for anyone that is willing to dig deep inside themselves and discover their true being.

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