Top 10 Places To Take an Introvert on a Date

Top 10 Places to Take an Introvert on a Date 

Introverts do like people, they just prefer less of them at one time than extroverts. When you're dating an introvert, he/she wants to get to know you sincerely rather than have to make small talk with a bunch of people at a large. loud party. Instead, bring out your introvert's good listening skills and love for learning and projects, and you'll likely get to know each other well in the process.

10. Movie

Once you've gotten to know each other a little, a movie can be a great date since your introvert won't have to speak for awhile. Plus, he/she will have the film to discuss with you afterwards in case of any awkward silences..

9. Double Date Dinner Party

Wait, you might be saying, isn't this more people to overwhelm a sensitive, quiet-loving introvert? Well not if you use this as an alternative to taking him/her to a large noisy party and pick a peaceful place for the meal for four.. If the other two are close friends of yours it will provide the element of sincerity that introverts tend to thrive on.

8. Murder Mystery Dinner

Another dinner idea an introvert is likely to love is dining while solving a 'who done it?' This can be an ideal alternative to a typical noisy restaurant since diners are usually quiet while the actors are on.

7. Airport

Yes it can be noisy in certain areas, but the sheer size and wide open outdoor spaces of larger airports offer an easy escape option just a few steps away from any noise. Plane watching, people watching, and checking out the latest reads at the airport newsstand can be a fun date for an introvert.

6. Flea Market

Large outdoor or indoor spaces full of interesting finds and odd things to share a laugh over can be a bit of an ice breaker and could even make a great first date idea.

5. Aquarium or Zoo

Marvelling at the vast array of tropical fish or smiling at the antics of the chimps together allows for both quiet time and conversation. This way you can let your introvert choose which is appropriate when as you explore a zoo or aquarium together.

4. Museum or Art Gallery

Discovering what interests and  types of art appeals to the other can make for a interesting date. Plus, there's the knowledge/learning factor which is always a good bet for an introvert.

3. Volunteer Event or Class

Introverts are project people and yes they typically work alone. Yet, if you choose something you both share a passion for whether that's feeding the homeless or taking a Japanese cooking class together, you can wow your introvert while getting to know him/her better.

2. Picnic

A beach or community park, with people around but not too close by, can be the perfect spot for a picnic date with an introvert. It can also be as simple or as romantic as you want and when the weather isn't the best, your introvert might even get a kick out of a picnic on his/her living room floor!

1. His/Her Place

It should be no surprise that an introvert's home is his/her castle. When introverts let you into their homes they like you. If you're willing just to read with your introvert at times without having to fill every pause with words, he/she may consider you a keeper!

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