How Introverts Deal With Change

As life around us evolves and slips by, we introverts can often times find ourselves left behind if we do not adapt to our surroundings. Change can be terrifying for the type of person that prefers to lead an organized and well-planned out life. Although it may be beneficial to plan extensively for a variety of situations, it can at times be constricting for an introvert. Moreover, being stuck in a plan or a routine can be limiting if the world around us is quickly evolving and changing.

It is important to eliminate any doubts about change, and to accept it as a tool that can help us introverts overcome societal difficulties. For example, in regards to professional work and development, it is often times necessary to leave a secure job in order to pursue work that is more fulfilling but not always certain.  This type of change may raise red flags for an introvert as it involves some level of risk; however, it is difficult to achieve any sort of greatness without taking a risk. In order to become better human beings and continue to live and learn, it is necessary to take strong actions. Actions are often times risky, yet must be taken in order to achieve certain set goals.

Goal setting is a tremendous way of measuring success and creating a program that works for set individuals. A great way to deal with change, especially when the change is out of the control of the individual, is to set goals. For example, if an extremely shy introvert must adapt to a social setting that requires them to continuously engage with others, setting goals might help ease the nerves. A simple goal such as “Notice the other person’s clothing in detail (i.e. colors and brands)” can lift the pressure off of the introverted individual and place focus on the party opposite him or her. This focus-shifting tactic can be applied to a number of different situations in order to dissipate any nerves.

There are a few other ways of dealing with change in one’s life, including extensive planning and communication with others. In contrast to the constrictions of planning, the act can also be beneficial. Although communication with others may not come as easily to introverts, extensive planning is often one of our specialties. Over preparing for a situation that is in the horizon can be very helpful, especially to individuals that like to have structure in their life. In addition to extensive preparation, it is crucial to be able to let go of all the planning work that has been completed and trust that the situation will pan out in the individual’s favor. In order to successfully deal with change and be prepared for it, one must build enough trust within him or herself and take actions on a continuous basis.

Taking actions, risking failure, and planning for the future are all great ways of dealing with change in our lives and in society. Introverts are not always open to change, and this can be due to the fact that it is easy to become comfortable with a routine that works well for our current situation. The conflict may arise once our current situation changes and forces us to adapt. As our lives evolve, our current plans must be shifted in order to accommodate the new and evolved future that we are always building for ourselves. As we grow as human beings and discover ourselves further, we are constantly faced with changes in life that may challenge us. It is our duty to observe these challenges as opportunities, and to confront any fear of change, in order to effectively move forward.

Dealing with change can be difficult at times, especially if the change is sudden or unexpected. As with anything in life, it is unlikely that we will always be prepared for every situation possible (even though as introverts we may wish to be). However, there are actions that we can take in order to set our best foot forward. Setting goals in order to measure our progress is a great place to begin. In addition to this, it is crucial that introverts experiment with risk-taking. Taking a risk (no matter how small) is usually a step in a direction that will enrich one’s life. One of the best ways to deal with change is to adapt to each situation by embracing our best introverted traits.

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